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Mix Baklava with pistachios
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    Mix Baklava with pistachios A vast collection of different types. It has been named so because it contains a large quantity of Baklava , primarily. It is chips dough consisting of fragile layers stuffed with luxury pistachio generously with very soft manner. It is s baked on appropriate temperature to clad the beautiful golden color . It is drained minutely so that it reaches you light and fragile. Note: There are (diet ) with light fruit sugar

Mix Mamoul SpecIal
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    Mix Mamoul SpecIal excellent Mamoul with us contains three types: With luxury and especially purified Pistachio “ to be special for those looking for quality and delicious taste “.It is available in green color and with elegant diet ; the dissolving taste is indescribable because it is from the abstract of royal date .It is available in golden color with nuts .It is prepared from different types of delicious and very useful nuts to reach your hearts wonderful and distinctive taste as we don’t use except luxury raw .It is available in brown color .

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